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08/26/2009: THE GLAMOUR ISSUE AVAILABLE: As always all articles are available as pdfs for free online. Read them on the screen or print them out. A printed edition will be available in select bookstores soon or can be ordered by sending us an e-mail.

Editorial and TOC:

Vesta Nele Zareh: Au revoir Paris: The "Grand Nation" in search of a "Grand Paris"

Terry Nichols Clark: Glamour and Urban Development: Three Views of Cities

Martin Schwegmann: Instant Glamour: A new urbanism - or how much Glamour do we need?

Gordon Douglas: What is Glamour? The Production & Consumption of a Working Aesthetic

Andreas Rumpfhuber: The Working Glamour: John Lennon, Yoko Ono: Bed-In

Michael J Thompson and Alex Schafran: Discussion: Democracy and Suburbia


06/06/2008: CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS: The Glamour Issue. Read more here!
05/22/2008: NEW ISSUE AVAILABLE: memory amnesia and urbanism. All articles are are available as screen version pdfs. A beautifully printed version will be available in select bookstores soon; or e-mail us for ordering instructions. We are also collecting contributions for our upcoming issue. Read more here.


Andrei Harwell: Restoration and the politics of the heroic

Vesta Zareh: The (almost) all American city

Volker Zander: Up on Dschungel

Rania Ghosn: A present - Beirut is in my hand

Lorraine Mannion: Memento of the past or signum of the present?

Alessandro Busa: Palimpseststadt – city of layers

Christian Schmutz + Marisol Rivas Velsquez: A journey into the lost parts of Havana

Rebecca Krucoff: The urban memory project

Baruch Gottlieb with Jin Hee Beack: Necessity for the nostalgic

Timothy O’Callaghan: Palermo - memory and nostalgia

Bert de Muynck: Making minced meat of memory

Maria Lewicka:Historical ethnic bias in urban memory: the case of Central European cities

Inge Manka: Stone Grandstad - enter at your own risk.

Yvonne Hung: Cologne 2007 - questions about a city

Pedro Januário Gomes, PedroViana, Luís Santiago Baptista, Nuno Messias, Pedro Ferreira: Venice - revisiting disappearance

Joanne Lam: Gone

03/09/2008 // good news! the next two issues of mudot will be supported by a grant from the graham foundation for advanced studies in the fine arts. We are in the process of assembling the next issue which will be available shortly.

09/20/2007// mudot at plan07! mudot is part of a project on memory and forgetting at the plan-project 2007 in Cologne, Germany. The project will ran from  the 22nd to the 29th of September. Read more here!
08/27/2007// New Call for submissions - mudot issue #8: memory, amnesia and urbanism. The next issue of mudot will examine the role of memory, forgetting and amnesia for cities. How are they constructed and recreated? Read more here.

logo 08/27/2007// NEW FORMAT, NEW NAME: mudot  (magazine for urban documentation, opinion and theory) will be a follow up publication to monu-magazine on urbanism. Previous issues published under the title monu are available below. Bernd Upmeyer is continuing the title monu here.
COVER 9-10-07//  Monu issue 7 available now. A printed version is available from Veenman Publishers.

Editorial / Cover / Contents

Branding the Generic City by Alfredo Andia

Bern, Beverwijk and the Representation of Cities by Joost Meuwissen

Claiming Space by Daan and Job Roggeveen

I like my town by Medium

Music City USA by Veronica Kavass

Banal Urbanism by Jamie Peck

2nd Rate Urbanism in 1st Rate Urban Areas by Doreen Jakob

I ROTterdam by Charles Bessard and Nanne de Ru

The Re-creation of the European City by Beatriz Ramo/STAR

Dumped in Almere Interview with Floris Alkemade

Little New York by Melisa Vargas

Wholesale Urbanism by Michael Jenson

3rd Rate Guide to 2nd Rate Urbanism by Alex Schafran

What is Antiurbanism
by Michael J. Thompson

Bonifacio Global City. Ideal Manila by Ursula Faix / bad architects group


Editorial / Cover / Contents

Potentially Beautiful by Sean Burkholder

Beyond Kitsch by Dirk Hebel and Deane Simpson

Sterile Rotterdam by Melisa Vargas

The Anti-Urinator by Supersudaca

Beauty and the Sublime by Joost Meuwissen

The Revolving Transient by Lukas Reichel

Pedaling Hope by Jen Petersen

Microrayons by Bee Flowers

Advanced City Camouflage by Cruz Garcia

Stripped Bare by Nathalie Aguinaldo

The Terrifying Century of Beautiful Urbanism by Bert de Muynck

The Secrets behind the Making of a Beautiful City: Jakarta by Ilya Maharika

A short Encounter with a Chair by Katerina Pertselaki

Beautiful Urbanism
by Pierre De Angelis

Great Unraveling by Ju-Hyun Kim and Bohyun Kim

The City Beautiful by Suzanne Loen

A Typology of Mess Punkt by Jeremy Beaudry

Big is beautiful by Jarrik Ouburg

Book Review: Planet of Slums
reviewed by Hans Frei

Book Review: Here is Tijuana reviewed by Jason Rebillot




Editorial / Cover / Contents

The Return of the Repressed by Loïc Wacquant

Vandalism as a Productive Force by Michael Zinganel

The Evil Architects Do by Eyal Weizman

Preventing Brutal Urbanism - Interview with the Director of the Security Task Force for the 2006 World Cup

Terrorists Love Density by STAR

Repulsive Desperation in the Constructions of Survival by Baruch Bruce Gottlieb

Happy Slapping – Urban Violance in the Age of Camera Phones by Peter Mörtenböck and Helge Mooshammer

5000 Years of Brutal Urbanism by UAS

It’s the Protocol, Stupid by Marc Schuilenburg

On the Run – Contesting Urban Boundaries by Lukas Feireiss

Cities of Collision by Philipp Misselwitz and Tim Rieniets

(re)Moving History by John Comazzi

As a Child of the Suburbs: - a response to Michael Thompsons “How Suburbs Destroy Democracy” by Alex Schafran

A Rejoinder to Alex Schafran by Michael J. Thompson

Book Reviews





Scrap and Build by Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Jorge Almazán

EX Gas Stations by UAS

Shopping for Vice by Jeffrey Ludlow

The Future of Filming in Downtown Los Angeles by Sarah Lorenzen

A Guide to Visiting Cities by Boris Sieverts

The Master of Lockhart (Texas) by Hans Frei

Transforming Local Government - privately by Robert H. Nelson

How Suburbs Destroy Democracy by Michael J. Thompson

Literature of the City 101 by William Alatriste

No Simple Problem Interview by Martin Schwegmann und Thorbjörn Reuter Christiansen with Mika Hannula

Infrascapes, Urban Androgyny and other unplanned Effects of Metropolitan Dynamics by Gabriel Duarte

No Slush by Tommi Mäkynen

E 70 by Beatriz Ramo (STAR)

Reinventing Lifta by Malkit Shoshan and Eitan Bronstein

Welcome to Houston, Texas by Eric Leshinsky

The Heckpfad by Kai Dolata and Lola Meyer

Volkspalast by Amelie Deuflhard and Sophie Krempl-Klieeisen

Hidden Veneration by Kristina Blazevski

DIY by Matthijs Bouw




Cover / Contents / Editorial

Planning and activism by Malkit Shoshan

nEUtral by bad-architects

Rojak by Maggie Peng

Between aerial defense and modernism by Lola Meyer

Model City: Interview with Margitta Faßl

You shall be urban by Theo Deutinger

Flevoland: From State Planning to Planning the Stateless by CASE

The Pharmacy by Joost Meuwissen

Turning the corner by Fabian Faltin

Supersuburbia by UAS




Cover / Contents / Editorial

Dispersion by Johannes Fiedler

Density, Zoning, and Class in New York City by Beth Lieberman

Mc Mansions by William Alatriste

Urbanism for the Middle Class in historic City Centers by Fernando Vegas and Camilla Mileto

Middle Class Urbanism: Interview with Thomas Sieverts

IKEA: When Cathedrals were blue by Manuel Shvartzberg

Neu Karow: a new space between berlin's past and its border by Katherine Bourke and Gregor Harbusch

Landscape Urbanism by Detlev Ipsen and Holger Weichler

Circuitous by Leah Beeferman

Adi, Audi, Aldi by Theo Deutinger

Middle Class Emulations by Angie Waller

The New Middle Class by Robert Winkel

Middle Class Desires by UAS

Book review: Integrated Perspectives on Places of Modernity by Kai Jonas


( 0.3 MB)

Imagining the Subsidized Landscape by CUP ( 1.7 MB)

After Growth by CASE ( 0.9 MB)

Urban Distortion by Shireen A. Barday and Damon W. Root ( 0.6 MB)

Urban Money Beats Global Money by Hans-Henning von Winning ( 0.6 MB)

The Paid Urbanism Project by Thomas Soehl and Bernd Upmeyer ( 3.2 MB)

SpaMania by Kai Jonas ( 0.6 MB)

Is a Bathtub Still a Bathtub on Mars? by William Alatriste ( 1.0 MB)

Richard J. Daley’s Chicago Civic Center and the Modernist Urban Landscape